Buzzing on GSM audio

Jim Morris ml at
Sat Jul 26 00:38:13 CEST 2008

Scott Benninghoff wrote:
> Any luck with this?  I was fooling with alsamixer last night and managed 
> to drown out the buzzing sound but also drowned out the voice.  After 
> fooling with is some more, I don't hear the calling party nor can they 
> hear me.  I'm going to start from scratch.  Hopefully I don't have to 
> flash the filesystem. There is value added information there now.  I'll 
> post any update that seem to work.
> scott

No luck yet, and no one has actually reported being able to make a call without the noise, I am 
starting to get worried that there is a fundamental flaw in the unit :(

Jim Morris,

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