Buzzing on GSM audio

rakshat hooja rakshat at
Sat Jul 26 09:25:28 CEST 2008

Anyone in Europe (or other areas than states) having the problem ?
> For me in Europe/France(/EuroDisney ;-) no problem.
> This may be related to US GSM frequencies ?
> Just my 2 cents,
> --
For me in India it changes almost everyday. Some days I get clear
connections and on some days there is a GSM BUZZ. (the low volume problems
seems to be different and I think can be fixed by alsamixer)

Two reasons that I am testing for may be possible for this behavior are

1) Is the buzz there when I call someone on my on my provider network or is
it only there when I call someone on a different provider.
2) Does the Buzz appear after a reboot and disappear after some reboots (I
reboot very often)

will update again after more tests

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