Buzzing on GSM audio

Mikael Berthe mikael.berthe at
Sat Jul 26 10:26:10 CEST 2008

* Olivier Berger <oberger at> [2008-07-26 08:59 +0200]:
> Anyone in Europe (or other areas than states) having the problem ?
> For me in Europe/France(/EuroDisney ;-) no problem.

I'm in France (Paris, using Bouygues Tel) and I have this problem :-(

> This may be related to US GSM frequencies ?


Regarding Marcus' questions:

>> 6) Does it happen without headset?
>> 7) Does it happen with standard headset?
>> 8) Does it happen with BT headset?

It happens with and without.
It's quite worse WITH the headset (the standard one), it makes a lot of
noise -- so much that people want to hang up.

I've tried to play with alsamixer but without any great success.

I have no BT headset to try with...

Btw if it works for you, Olivier, have you been able to use the
speakerout mode?
The echo is much higher (probably because the mic is near the speaker!)
and I can't use that either.


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