Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Sun Jul 27 14:19:47 CEST 2008

Am Samstag 26 Juli 2008 15:17:42 schrieb sparky mat:
> Hi, newbie here.
> OM2007.2 is still actively developed right? I mean ASU is an "alternate
> path" right?

Openmoko does not actively develop OM2007.2, all resources are going into ASU 
(and the framework initiative). I think we should move to SHR once they have 
their first release. In the meantime, someone could/should drag all the 
Openmoko sources into a public Om project repository and continue developing 
2007.2 there. If that's going to happen, ping me and I'll change the 
respective BitBake recipes in OE to pull from the new location.


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