Next step on un-bricked FreeRunner

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Mon Jul 28 01:45:33 CEST 2008

I was unable to use my FR until today meaning I could only access my boot menu before.  How and why I was able to do that is a mystery to me.  I had to literally go thru every command and flash every thing.  Nothing worked except a couple of .bin flashes that ended the download in progress with a notice on my phone screen saying, "End of write Exceeds Partition end"  Download Error-110.  First of all does anybody know what that means?  Secondly, I guess I cannot complain since I'm at least able to make and recieve calls now. 

Now my question is how do I gain access to my phone's Terminal in a realistic manner.  I can get there from the phone But, There is no slash..  ie.  /,  That makes it very hard to enter any code.  Second, there was a point in my trouble shooting that the terminal root system came up on my linux system as root at om-gta02.  That would be a great place to program the phone from but how do I get there from my host system?  I will keep learning linux from the books I have but I have not found the way to get there yet.  Does anyone know the short cut code?  Now the only way I can start my phone is to go through the boot menu and enter the boot option.

To finish, I've looked at the downloads for Qtopia in the hopes of flashing a keyboard that is realistically usable.  There are many downloads there including one the requires 2.1M.  My question also concerns the original error message -110 above.  It is my understanding that if I did not have enough room to flash 1.7M and the largest partition on the phone is 2M that I could not use a file that is even larger.  Does that mean I need to use my SD card for the download of Qtopia?

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