OM2007.2 continuously freezes!

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Mon Jul 28 05:41:16 CEST 2008

Hello, since the first time I've used my Freerunner I had serious 
problems with the GTK 2007.2 version that is simply unusable to me.

I should say that my very first Freerunner experience was not so correct 
since as soon as I've connected it to my wall charger for it's first 
recharge, it powered on (also if I didn't press the power button 
before). Since the 1A current rate should be enough both to run it and 
to charge the battery, I didn't powered it off.
The gtk software started correctly and I was able to register with my 
GSM network, but after few moves in the menus all freezed. I was not 
able to hear any sound when tapping and the screen was completely 
blocked. On next restart I wasn't neither able to load X (it freezed 
before with some glamo related errors), then after some retries I got 
again the OM gui running and I connected the phone via USB cable to log 
in using SSH. I got it, but after few minutes it freezed again and also 
the SSH session was blocked.
Once the crash happened while I was telephoning to a free carrier 
number. I wasn't able to stop the call, but I continued hearing the 
conversation, so the GSM was not stopped (in fact, if I call my phone 
while it is freezed I hear it the ringing-tone in my house phone).

I though that it was an issue of the shipped OM version, so I upgraded 
to latest image, but nothing changed. When I use the GTK OM version I 
always have freezes after few minutes of use and I can't recover it. 
I've always to remove the battery to restart a new session (that will 
"live" just few minutes)...

I didn't notice this using ASU (not tested too much, btw it never 
freezed yet) or Qtopia (used for days).

Any idea?


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