Next step on un-bricked FreeRunner

arne anka openmoko at
Mon Jul 28 11:16:28 CEST 2008

>> download of Qtopia?
> Do you mean the application downloads at I don't know how
> those are meant to be installed, but certainly not by flashing with
> dfu-util.

well, the download from qtopia ist meant exactly to be flashed -- the tar  
ball contains a kernel image (uImage) and a rootfs image.
getting the data from these (at least the rootfs image's contents) is far  
beyond the capapbilities of the op (judging from his mails) -- and for  
some reasons qtopia does not release a simple tar ball of the rootfs,  
which is absolutely needed for installation on an sd card.

otoh is qtopia the most complete and functional distribution for the  
freerunner, though some kind of an isolated application, because none of  
the apps available for 2007.2 or asu will work (no X).

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