Qtopia: customize keyboard, select input language

Ole Kliemann ole-om-lists-2008 at mail.plastictree.net
Mon Jul 28 14:54:47 CEST 2008

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 03:41:19PM +0000, Ole Kliemann wrote:
> With ASU you can use your own layout for the onscreen keyboard. It's a
> simple text file .kbd you can customize.
> Is there something similar with Qtopia?

Well, it can be done. Get the Qtopia source[1], and look into this file


At line 132 there is 

	mKeyboard->addBoard(QStringList() << "QWERTYUIOP" << "ASDFGHJKL" << "ZXCVBNM", KeyboardWidget::UpperCase);
	mKeyboard->addBoard(QStringList() << "qwertyuiop" << "asdfghjkl" << "zxcvbnm", KeyboardWidget::LowerCase);

You can change those to fit your needs.

So much for the easy part. Now compile Qtopia. ;)
Then copy the new `libqpredictivekeyboard.so' to your device.
It actually does work!

I added punctuation marks to the layout:

+        mKeyboard->addBoard(QStringList() << "QWERTYUIOP" << ",ASDFGHJKL." << ";ZXCVBNM?!", KeyboardWidget::UpperCase);
+        mKeyboard->addBoard(QStringList() << "qwertyuiop" << ",asdfghjkl." << ";zxcvbnm?!", KeyboardWidget::LowerCase);

I am a bit puzzled why this keyboard by default comes without them. With
the prediction you can type extremely fast. But when you want to set a
comma or period you have to make two gestures to switch keyboard.
Especially strange as there is so much space left to put additional

The only point left is that right now you still have to explicitly type
the punctuation. I tried to modify the dictionary to allow each
punctuation at the end of each word, but it is not working yet. 

Still it is a lot more powerful now than it was before.


[1] ftp://ftp.trolltech.com/qtopia/snapshots/
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