Buzzing on GSM audio

Scott Benninghoff scott.benninghoff at
Mon Jul 28 19:08:33 CEST 2008

I am also a T-Mobile user in the U.S. (Tampa FL) and I've had the 
buzzing noise from the get go.  It's pretty bad.  So much so that I've 
had to remove my SIM card and stuff it back into my old phone.

Jim Morris wrote:
> Matt Luzum wrote:
>> I'm using 2007.2.  I've attached everything in 
>> /usr/share/oopenmoko/scenarios/, and I don't believe I've updated 
>> anything since I received a call earlier today that sounded fine on both 
>> ends, so they should be good.  Also, I'm using T-mobile in the U.S.
> Ok so the state files are identical to mine, I also use T-Mobile in the US, yet I have a terrible 
> buzzing and you don't.
> That in itself is very interesting.
> Anyone from Openmoko want to jump in here and give us an update?
> Thanks
> Jim
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