Qtopia Questions/Bugs/Suggestions

Charles Hill charles.e.hill at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 17:19:47 CEST 2008

I'm currently running Qtopia on my FreeRunner.
Version: 4.3.2 snapshot 07221045 Submitted Date 2008/7/24

1. Question: When going into the System Info on the phone it says Qtopia
Version 4.3.3, built by lpotter@ on July 22.  Which is it, 4.3.2 or 4.3.3?

2. Bug: Speed Dial has no visual feedback of selection.  Clicking icons on
the home screen, Main Menu, and sub-menus gives feedback in the way of a
colored highlight or enlarging icon.  When clicking anything in the Speed
Dial, nothing happens until the program pops up.  The top item in my Speed
Dial list always stays highlighted.

3. Question: In Power Management, it is possible to set Suspend faster than
Display Off or Dim.  Is it really supposed to allow that?

4. Suggestion: When playing music, if you place a call, the music stops
until the call is finished.  Cool.  However, it would be better (IMHO) if
you PAUSED the music, so the song doesn't restart at the beginning when the
call is done.

5. Suggestion: When playing music, if you get a call, the music stops.  It
would be slick if the music volume simply dropped to 10% or so while the
phone was ringing -- both at once.  Then, if the person chose to ignore the
call, the music volume ticks back up to where it was.  If they choose to
answer the call, pause the music until the call is done.

6. Bug: I have one MP3 that Media Player insists on playing in Chipmunk mode
-- 2x speed.  It plays fine on my desktop.  Now that I look at it, it is the
only MP3 I have encoded at 64 Kbps.  Hmmm....

7. Question: When playing music, after the screen dims/turns off due to
Power Management settings, it undims/turns on when a song changes.  Is this
the desired behavior?


 Charles Hill
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