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Tue Jul 29 18:08:13 CEST 2008

Charles Hill wrote:
> I'm currently running Qtopia on my FreeRunner.
> Version: 4.3.2 snapshot 07221045 Submitted Date 2008/7/24

I've used it too, and I'd like to post some notes too (well, isn't there 
a bugzilla?).

However I've found these bugs:

  - Contacts unfiltrable (The keyboard should pop-up like in ASU)
  - Message not shown (if I do "yes, show message" it goes back to home)
  - Message tiny icon disappear also if there are messages not read
  - Read/unread messages count is wrong to me
  - Apps run while finger scrolling (tapping should need more power)
  - The buttons are hard to push using finger (in ASU they're not)
  - Predictive needs more accents (or understand a special char like
    "ì, à, ù, è, é..." without need of writing it just following the
    dictionary since they should be considered as their relative
    standard char)
  - Allow to remove last written char in predictive (not all the word)
  - Unlock menu stays on bottom bar on boot also after unlocking the sim
  - Missing support for USSD gsm request (i'd need them for credit check)
  - I guess that when refusing a call, it's sent a wrong "busy" code to
    the carrier since I get a sms notification of the missed call (and
    I should get that only if my mobile is off or there's no GSM signal).
  - I can't register voice clips (seconds counter rests to 0)
  - There's a buzz-noise during a call in my speaker, I've fixed it
    setting the openmoko gsmheadset.state scenario decreasing to 103 the
    Mono Playback Volume control.
  - The vibration is too low, I'd set a 255 value to the sys device.
  - I've received some SMSs only after running 2007.2 gtk version.

However those are notes to the most usable distro for Freerunner, 
actually (also if it lacks of GPS/Net/Sip apps support :/).


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