Qtopia Screenshot (fwd)

lpotter lpotter at trolltech.com
Tue Jul 29 22:42:40 CEST 2008

Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen writes:

> Tuesday 29 July 2008 Charles Hill wrote:
>> For some reason I'm not seeing the Screenshot app when using the Software
>> Packages app and pointing it at the qtopia.net/packages/feed/4.3.2/neo/
>> repository.  I see all the other apps, just not Screenshot.
>> Does anyone have this working?  Any ideas?
>   The problem seems to be an off-by-one bug in the software packages software. 
> It was discovered earlier today by the developer of a wifi scanner and me who 
> wanted to try the thing out - we kept getting no packages, until i noticed 
> what you just did. Duplicating the entry in his local feed made the package 
> show up, and as such, we figured that that's where the problem lies :)

It seems the packages.list file needs a new line at the end of the file.

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