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Ole Kliemann ole-om-lists-2008 at mail.plastictree.net
Wed Jul 30 13:20:30 CEST 2008

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 08:19:47AM -0700, Charles Hill wrote:
> I'm currently running Qtopia on my FreeRunner.
> Version: 4.3.2 snapshot 07221045 Submitted Date 2008/7/24
> 1. Question: When going into the System Info on the phone it says Qtopia
> Version 4.3.3, built by lpotter@ on July 22.  Which is it, 4.3.2 or 4.3.3?
> 2. Bug: Speed Dial has no visual feedback of selection.  Clicking icons on
> the home screen, Main Menu, and sub-menus gives feedback in the way of a
> colored highlight or enlarging icon.  When clicking anything in the Speed
> Dial, nothing happens until the program pops up.  The top item in my Speed
> Dial list always stays highlighted.
> 3. Question: In Power Management, it is possible to set Suspend faster than
> Display Off or Dim.  Is it really supposed to allow that?
> 4. Suggestion: When playing music, if you place a call, the music stops
> until the call is finished.  Cool.  However, it would be better (IMHO) if
> you PAUSED the music, so the song doesn't restart at the beginning when the
> call is done.
> 5. Suggestion: When playing music, if you get a call, the music stops.  It
> would be slick if the music volume simply dropped to 10% or so while the
> phone was ringing -- both at once.  Then, if the person chose to ignore the
> call, the music volume ticks back up to where it was.  If they choose to
> answer the call, pause the music until the call is done.
> 6. Bug: I have one MP3 that Media Player insists on playing in Chipmunk mode
> -- 2x speed.  It plays fine on my desktop.  Now that I look at it, it is the
> only MP3 I have encoded at 64 Kbps.  Hmmm....
> 7. Question: When playing music, after the screen dims/turns off due to
> Power Management settings, it undims/turns on when a song changes.  Is this
> the desired behavior?

If I may just quickly add:

I do not receive SMS when in suspend. FR does not wake up. But I do not
receive the SMS immediately when I wake up the phone. It sometimes takes
hours until I get it.

Calls wake up the device everytime I tried.

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