Is a 12 MB/s microSD overkill for what the glamo driver does?

Mike Montour mail at
Thu Jul 31 04:10:23 CEST 2008

Jim Colton wrote:
> If anyone cares this is the card I have coming and will speed test by 
> using dd(1) from the device to dev/null.  

I wrote a small benchmark program that will measure both read and write 
speeds for a file. A binary is available at (add a ".c" for the source).

Usage is: ./iospeed <file> <size-in-MiB>. Note that measurements with 
this program may not be valid on a jffs2 filesystem (due to compression) 
but it should be OK for SD-card measurements.

This thread on the Community list has some measurements from an 8G 
Sandisk card:

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