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Thu Jul 31 08:45:43 CEST 2008

I had a few queries/concerns about ASU (from a end-user point-of-view :-) )

1. Is it gonna be released in August '08 or April '09 (the wiki page
mentions April though I hear people call it the August Software Update as
well) ?
2. Since end-usability seems to be the focus here, everything should be
configurable/controllable via GUI right?
    a) How do I lock the screen? (Pressing the power button just puts it to
sleep, to be awoken at the touch of a finger. But sometimes I want it locked
till I unlock it somehow. The slider in 2007.2 was decent but needed some
more polishing)
    b) Profiles? Are profiles implemented? At the very least, "silent" and
    c) Ability to change ringtone via the control panel (is it possible
    d) GPRS configuration (I would put this at high priority, since most
people would want to use web services on the move, and WiFi isn't as
prevalent or "mobile" as GPRS)
    e) Wifi configuration should probably belong inside the control panel,
not as a standalone app
    f) Ability to switch on/off GPS, Bluetooth, GSM, (flight mode)
3. Is the theme being actively developed? The current look-n-feel seems
quite crude compared to om2007.2.
4. Today. It was a great app, displaying events, to-dos, missed calls,
unread messages, etc. for the day. It either needs to be the home page, or
directly linked at the home page (no .. not as a launchable application,
probably a pop-up)
5. Calendar. Is there a calendar application? (If so, why is it not there by

Will post more.

Ok, if its April 09, I guess most of these will be coming over time and my
first query will be the only valid one? :-)
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