Is a 12 MB/s microSD overkill for what the glamo driver does?

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Thu Jul 31 09:53:04 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Oh well, I should have bought a slower card.  At least it won't be a
| limiting factor.
| I'll compare speeds I get with your 3M bytes/sec. anyway.
| I was meaning 12 megabits /sec....
| By 12MB/s I was referencing what I see here

In the world of benchmarks and speed estimates, you have to keep your
wits about you to not be bamboozled.  That's why I write out what I mean
like 3MBytes/sec.  The numbers in the Wikipedia article is in fact
talking about MBytes/sec, most people use capital B to mean bytes and
little b to mean bits.  But I heartily recommend typing the few extra
characters to remove any possibility of confusion.

| 12MB/s is not in the table shown in that link however I am about to
| receive a 4G 80x or 12MB/s card in the mail .

We can't max out that transfer speed but it won't make any harm.  In the
future we might squeeze more performance from Glamo SD driver.

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