mixer settings for voice recording?

H. Rosmanith moko at wildsau.enemy.org
Thu Jul 31 15:47:19 CEST 2008

> I've created a wiki-account and put the alsa setting, which allow voice
> recording/capturing from e.g. /dev/dsp, into my accounts page:
> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/User:Herp

oops, I just noticed that 'ADC Capture Volume', control #2, was set to
a too low value (195). To get some result instantly (without shouting
at the neo), it's best to set it to 255, like:

        control.2 {
                comment.access 'read write'
                comment.type INTEGER
                comment.count 2
                comment.range '0 - 255'
                iface MIXER
                name 'ADC Capture Volume'
                value.0 255                
                value.1 255

kind regrads,
H. Rosmanith

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