OM2007.2 continuously freezes!

Andy Green andy at
Thu Jul 31 16:21:18 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> Someone was saying they will look at XGlamo and I don't think you're the
|> only one seeing some shakiness.
| Well, I'll use Xfbdev until there will be something of new in XGlamo or
| in the kernel (about glamo itself). However I think I'll be moreover
| limited!
| However, Andy, sure I'm not the only seeing these shakiness but I've not
| read reports by someone that after few seconds of interface usage has
| hangups and that on next reboot can't boot X (getting another freeze)
| and that, again, can reboot it (without any stability by the way) only
| after keeping the phone off few seconds.
| It's really hard to think that this is just a my software problem...

If we talk about the same email, that guy has different symptoms, for
example he often can't complete U-Boot startup at the point it touches
Glamo, another outcome is he dies during Glamo driver init in Linux
during boot.

I never saw these exciting things here, but I do see the other kinds of
trouble with Glamo you mentioned during resume and so on.  So I believe
they are separate issues.

- -Andy
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