OM2007.2 continuously freezes!

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Thu Jul 31 17:26:01 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green ha scritto:
|> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
|> | Andy Green wrote:
|> |> Someone was saying they will look at XGlamo and I don't think
you're the
|> |> only one seeing some shakiness.
|> |
|> | Well, I'll use Xfbdev until there will be something of new in XGlamo or
|> | in the kernel (about glamo itself). However I think I'll be moreover
|> | limited!
|> |
|> | However, Andy, sure I'm not the only seeing these shakiness but
I've not
|> | read reports by someone that after few seconds of interface usage has
|> | hangups and that on next reboot can't boot X (getting another freeze)
|> | and that, again, can reboot it (without any stability by the way) only
|> | after keeping the phone off few seconds.
|> |
|> | It's really hard to think that this is just a my software problem...
|> If we talk about the same email, that guy has different symptoms, for
|> example he often can't complete U-Boot startup at the point it touches
|> Glamo, another outcome is he dies during Glamo driver init in Linux
|> during boot.
| We're not. I was talking about myself and about my mail [1].
| I've only issues when I'm in X(glamo).

I misread you as "but I've read reports by someone...", that's why I
start rambling about some other guy's problems.

Glamo is pretty complicated inside, as is the PMU, with thousands of
register bitfields between them and many subsystems able to act
independently.  Then there are interactions between them and other
chips, direct and indirect.  Both are always-on to one extent or another
(during suspend in Glamo case for example).  The registers that hold
state may not need much power leaking to keep their state until they are
affirmitively reset.

Considering this, it's very hard to be certain that symptoms are not
driven by software despite they act sticky between what appear to be
resets or powerdowns.

- -Andy
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