SD card corruption?

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Thu Jul 31 19:50:02 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| My FR's SDHC card's partition table became corrupted recently.  Any
| ideas why?  I'm using a sandisk 8GB SDHC.  This happened over the
| weekend, and it's been since I reformatted the card monday morning.
| The following things happened between when it was known-good, and
| known-bad.  I'm running an updated factory image:
| - opkg update
|     - (Updated with "deadly" kernel package that zeros out the kernel
| image then fails to reflash)
| - Attempted to upload contents of flash to laptop.  It produced a big
| file full of garbage on my laptop.
| - Flashed + Booted using qtopia kernel.  Bad crashes happened.
| - Booted using correct (hand converted) kernel
| - Enabled suspend/resume.  Resume worked, but broke pulse audio
| - Disabled suspend/resume.
| Anyway, I'd like to know which of these things killed the partition
| table so I can file a bug report (if appropriate).  Any ideas?

Suspend / resume likely killed it... we're on it...

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