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On Jul 31, 2008, at 2:45 PM, sparky mat wrote:

> 1. Is it gonna be released in August '08 or April '09 (the wiki page  
> mentions April though I hear people call it the August Software  
> Update as well) ?

Our release was delayed.  ASU is the name we use internally.  It will  
release as Om 2008.8 in August.
Default Applications will include:

Sudoku  -  number game
Settings  (exposure)  -  settings application
Installer  (assassin)  -  frontend for installing applications over  
the net
Locations  (splinter)  -  map based application allowing users to save  
and send their favorite locations.

> 2. Since end-usability seems to be the focus here, everything should  
> be configurable/controllable via GUI right?
>     a) How do I lock the screen? (Pressing the power button just  
> puts it to sleep, to be awoken at the touch of a finger. But  
> sometimes I want it locked till I unlock it somehow. The slider in  
> 2007.2 was decent but needed some more polishing)

Power key puts the Neo to sleep.
AUX button (top left) locks the screen.

>     b) Profiles? Are profiles implemented? At the very least,  
> "silent" and "normal".


>     c) Ability to change ringtone via the control panel (is it  
> possible currently?)

Not yet.  What you have to do is install the RingProfile package  
trough Installer.  The application will show up on your home screen,  
launch it, then you can set as many profiles as you like.  Eventually  
this will also be one of the settings options, we're just not there yet.

> d) GPRS configuration (I would put this at high priority, since most  
> people would want to use web services on the move, and WiFi isn't as  
> prevalent or "mobile" as GPRS)

GPRS is not yet in the settings configuration.  We're working on this  
for an early update after the release.

>     e) Wifi configuration should probably belong inside the control  
> panel, not as a standalone app

You must have an older public image.  Currently wifi is configured in  
the Settings application.

>  f) Ability to switch on/off GPS, Bluetooth, GSM, (flight mode)

In the Settings app, yes.

> 3. Is the theme being actively developed? The current look-n-feel  
> seems quite crude compared to om2007.2.

It was designed this way for the very purpose of encouraging new  
themes to be created, shared and installed via the Installer.

> 4. Today. It was a great app, displaying events, to-dos, missed  
> calls, unread messages, etc. for the day. It either needs to be the  
> home page, or directly linked at the home page (no .. not as a  
> launchable application, probably a pop-up)

Om 2008.8 is still at an early stage and we're looking to improve  
features all across the board, including the home screen.

> 5. Calendar. Is there a calendar application? (If so, why is it not  
> there by default?)

The default applications are only a statement of what we are testing  
here internally.  We're not deliberately leaving anything out, we're  
simply placing all testing resources into getting phone functionality  
as stable as possible.  That has always been and remains to be our  
number one priority.  As for the calendar application, you can install  
both the om-calendar and qt-calendar through the installer.

> Will post more.

Please do.
A lot of people have been waiting for these answers :)

> Ok, if its April 09, I guess most of these will be coming over time  
> and my first query will be the only valid one? :-)

August 2008 :)



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