It's a PHONE

Seth Rothenberg seth at
Sun Nov 2 05:00:40 CET 2008

I have been a little worried about the FreeRunner,
since it couldn't maintain a USB network connection
(resolved by disabling Suspend),
and it couldn't recognize my AT&T  SIM card...

But on Friday, I got a TMobile SIM and a phone number
(and by Divine Providence it ends in 0771, love that number! :-)

And it makes and takes phone calls.
Sound isn't perfect, but I have heard a lot of
people talking about these issues, so I have confidence.

Now I'll go back to developing an application
that might greatly benefit from  FR...
I'm converting a camry to run on batteries...
and it's valuable to have real-time diagnostics
like from a Linux PC.

Thank you all who have been working on this.


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