broken screen: how to auto-turn FR into bluetooth/USB GPS?

William Kenworthy billk at
Tue Nov 4 11:26:04 CET 2008

Thought about replacing the screen? - others have apparently done so.
There were a few emails on the subject at one time.  Also, the earlier
neo used the same screen, so a dead neo might be a donor if you can
source one.


On Tue, 2008-11-04 at 10:54 +0100, Herve5.freerunner at wrote:
> Last week I lived an atrocious adventure: a small crease appeared on my
> Freerunner screen, and within days it turned into an enormous break... Now
> the sensitive part of the screen is almost uneffective, which in other
> words means the (three weeks old) FR is unusable...
> Until I am rich again, one path I see to still get something out of it is
> to have it turned into an "ordinary" GPS that would connect either via
> bluetooth or USB to a small laptop, where an openstreetmap-related viewer
> would run.
> I have found on the wiki some instructions to do this, at
> , but I am not sure they
> aren't obsolete (same page says "gpsd is obsolete"...) and also given the
> evolution of my touchscreen I need some automatic process that in
> principle would not need the screen at all.
> Is there a simple way (script?) to
> - automatically turn on bluetooth upon startup (and turn off GSM as we are
> at it)
> - automatically start GPS and configure it to "answer bluetooth" as such?
> Or the same through USB, which may be even better (I wouldn't have to pair
> the laptop)?
> Knowing that
> - the laptop would be linux-based (Mandriva)
> - on the Freerunner I currently have the latest FDOM distribution (but I
> could reflash to whatever you suggest)
> - I am using Mandriva and FR more out of political decisions than geek
> competence: consider I am indeed quite a newbie, and the more step-by-step
> your advice will be, the better it'll be to get me out of despair ;-)
> TIA!
> Hervé
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