Problem with g++ compilation

lakshmikanth t.lakshmikanth at
Wed Nov 5 08:10:07 CET 2008


A sample file test.C compilation attempt with g++ :
root at om-gta02:~/kanth/c_prgs# cat test.C

int x;
cout<<"Testing G++"<<endl;

root at om-gta02:~/kanth/c_prgs# g\+\+ -o test test.C
test.C:1:19: error: iostream: No such file or directory
test.C: In function 'int main()':
test.C:5: error: 'cout' was not declared in this scope
test.C:5: error: 'endl' was not declared in this scope
root at om-gta02:~/kanth/c_prgs#


It shows error with iostream : Where should i include the header files if at
all. And where do i get Header files from(i read some where that normal
header files cannot be added). Am i required to install an other packages?

Thanks in advance....

Lakshmi Kanth

Jay Vaughan wrote:
>> There are a few *-symlinks packages you'll want.  I believe it's
>> gcc-symlinks.  Just do "opkg list | grep symlink" and install the
>> relevant ones.
> .. and don't forget the -dev packages too ..
> ;
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> Jay Vaughan
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