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Paul paultsai at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 16:59:16 CET 2008

I finally received my Freerunner and it's been exciting.  I am trying to use
the Freerunner as my primary phone.

My First goal is to start with a stable phone distro.  One where I can
make/receive calls, send and receive text messages.  The Qtopia build seems
to be OK, however, there is that echo issue.  Qtopia does seem to be removed
from a lot of the feature developments for the FreeRunner.  I have tried a
couple of the distros out there and the Qtopia one seems to be the most

I was wondering, which distros have the Echo bug resolved?

Also, is the debian distro stable?  I am a debian/kubuntu user so I
definitely would like to use debian provided it can provide a stable phone
for me.   I need to buy a new sd card from the sound of it though.


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