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Tom Yates madhatter at teaparty.net
Fri Nov 7 18:33:56 CET 2008

On Fri, 7 Nov 2008, Paul wrote:

> My First goal is to start with a stable phone distro.  One where I can 
> make/receive calls, send and receive text messages.  The Qtopia build 
> seems to be OK, however, there is that echo issue.  Qtopia does seem to 
> be removed from a lot of the feature developments for the FreeRunner.  I 
> have tried a couple of the distros out there and the Qtopia one seems to 
> be the most stable.

i'm happy with 2008.09 stable, though i have had to make some changes (my 
own state files, gsm0710muxd, etc.).  i use it as a day-to-day phone and 
it works acceptably: resume fails about once every other day, requiring 
battery removal, but otherwise receiving calls is fine, making calls is 
fine, the bouncing calypso problem has a workaround, echo is under control 
and SMS has never been a problem.  i have a GTA02v6.

a summary of what i had to do can be found at 
http://www.teaparty.net/technotes/openmoko-2.html , if you're curious.


       Tom Yates  -  http://www.teaparty.net

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