Android first try - kurz und schmerzlos

Joachim Ott jo.omsl at
Sat Nov 8 00:37:12 CET 2008

2008/11/7 Roman Pszonczenko <xtensa at>

> Well, it went black because it went to sleep. It is said that kernel
> 2.6.26 wil not resume properly, so you have to go to the Settings menu
> and disable energy saving. I had the same situation but I just
> rebooted...
> Another issue is triangular screen blinking when the background is
> shadowed, for example when popup windows appear. But overall
> impression is good - works faster then other distros on neo. Of course
> it is only a proof of concept at the moment - ex. you cannot enter any
> text right now. But it really nice to see it working.

On 2nd try, I still couldn't get much farther. What key or button is
supposed to be the Menu key mentioned on the desktop? I tried to unlock the
sim, it told me twice "invalid PIN" (or such). Before making up my mind to
give it a 3rd try or to cancel it, the screen went black again.

Much later, when I checked the SD card, I saw the the FAT16 partition had
vanished. I couldn't mount it anymore. On the ext3-partition 23 MB are used,
the directories created are "anr  app  app-private  dalvik-cache  data
local  misc  property  system". I wonder why this data must be put onto the
SD-card instead of the NAND.

Before wasting anymore time, I put FSO into the NAND. It was not much
success either. After entering the PIN, enlightenment crashed. This time I
could login via usb, but I was not able to restart X. Could it be that
yesterday was Friday 13?
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