Dead freerunner

Joachim Ott jo.omsl at
Mon Nov 10 11:23:39 CET 2008

2008/11/10 Vikas Saurabh <vikas.saurabh at>

> Hmm.....I surely jumped the gun here.
> Apparently, it was just that my battery got discharged completely and
> the phone would not boot up on itself. I got the battery charged a
> little from external charger and I have my phone back :) yipppeee.
> Anyways, what I still wonder is how come the phone got discharged when
> it had some 10% charge left when I plugged it in (yes, I plugged it in
> properly).

I had this several times with Om2007.2. After being connected via USB and
then reaching 100%, it stopped charging and it only would start charging
again when I disconnected USB and connected once more.
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