Christian Anke carcinoma at
Mon Nov 10 19:30:29 CET 2008


currently i noticed at the Om 2008 testing feed, that
the gpsd package is replaced by the fso-gpsd package (including 

so why? fso-gpsd does not work like the gpsd.

or is there any configuration needed to let navit speak with the fso-gpsd? 

btw, zhone also does not detect any usable gps ( the icon ist 

futhermore the compilation of navit would not work with
the fso-gpsd-dev package (cause the package provides nothing).
i have to install the gpsd-dev package with -nodeps (where i think: "could 
this ever being clean")

so, what to do with the fso-gpsd? waiting?
is it possible at the current state, that fso-gpsd can work
without gpsd?


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