Best Dist only for GPS usage (and maybe wlan)?

Joerg Lippmann jl_lists at
Thu Nov 13 00:40:02 CET 2008


I'm going on holiday in two weeks and I intend to use my freerunner only as 
GPS-device without GSM-card there. I'd like to use tangoGPS and download loads 
of maps from google and OSM beforehand. The question is: which distribution 
would be the best? My wishes for fast access and best battery usage:

- good power management
- reliable suspend
- waking up only on button pressed, not on touching screen
- easy and fast turning on and off of GPS receiver (for browsing the maps 
indoors without reception)
- fast start of TangoGPS (not like in FDOM!)
- good control over extra phone services like wlan or bluetooth
- finger-control
- phone function is absolutely irrelevant!

wlan would be nice, but is not crucial.

Also: As far as I see, there seems to be no function in tangoGPS that shows 
you the direction (as the crow flies) to a selected waypoint, right? Is there 
an application which can do that? So that I can easily set a point and find my 
way back later, just like in my old Garmin eTrex?

Any hints are appreciated!
Jörg at home

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