Angstrom Repository Broken?

Rod Whitby rod at
Sat Nov 22 02:23:59 CET 2008

Paul wrote:
> Has anyone tried adding angstrom's repository and doing a opkg upgrade
> lately?  It seems to break the FreeRunner.

I doubt that the Angstrom repository was ever designed to support the
FreeRunner, and the fact that it somewhat worked previously was pure
coincidence due to somewhat compatible processors.

As the Angstrom repository moves forward with different compiler and
library versions, you can be sure it will sooner or later be
incompatible (as seems to already be the case by your report).

If you want an application that is in the Angstrom repository, then just
ask someone to add it to the recipe in
OpenEmbedded, and then it should automatically appear (courtesy of
correctly set up autobuilders) in the feeds for all the Openmoko
distributions.  Then you will know that those applications have been
compiled in a way to be compatible with the distribution you are running.

Remember, never mix feeds.  Use only the feed which is designed for the
distribution you are running.  If an application is not there, then ask
someone with OpenEmbedded commit rights to add it to task-openmoko-feed
(or if you don't know anyone, then submit a ticket to Openmoko).

-- Rod

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