Crostalk of voice input and output in openmoko FreeRunner

polz polz at
Mon Nov 24 09:08:32 CET 2008

On Sunday 23 November 2008 23:33:59 Paul wrote:
> Hello All,
> To Date, contrary to what the release notes say, the echo bug exists
> in ALL the distributions I've tried.
> Also, in regards to using the AT%N0187, can we refrain from saying
> something is the solution without providing the details?
A few days ago, superalex <alejandroalonsofernandez at> provided the 
solution on the community mailing list. I'm re-posting it here so that more 
people can experience the goodnes that FSO is slowly becoming.
Currently, basic phone functionality seems to be working in SHR. Suspend, 
making, receiving calls, SMS send/receive and Alarm (with wake-up from 
suspend) all work on my Neo1973.

In file
function percentCPI, line 210 aprox

Where it says:
        info = {}                                                                                              

I have:
        devchannel =
        devchannel.enqueue( "%N0187" )    
        info = {}                  

> Even after
> sending this command, the no echo is only effective for 1 call after,
> so it's not something a simple script can solve and someone new to the
> Freerunner could hack together.
But it _is_ something a simple script can solve. See above.

P.S. if anyone from Openmoko(the company) is reading this, someone should send
Ainulindale on #openmoko a case of beer or something.

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