qt extended - no ring

Dale Maggee antisol at internode.on.net
Sun Nov 30 04:27:32 CET 2008


Today I flashed qt extended 4.4.2 to my FreeRunner. It seems very nice, 
but there are two problems, one minor, one more major:

1.  it doesn't make any noise when a call or message comes in. It 
vibrates, but it doesn't ring.

If I answer the call, it works fine - I can hear the caller etc, it's 
just the ring / message tone which doesn't seem to be playing.

2. It doesn't seem to mark sms messages as 'read' - when a new message 
arrives it says "6 messages have arrived", not 1. The only way around 
this seems to be deleting the messages as I read them, which I'd rather 
not do.

Any suggestions?


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