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This is definitely a better way to do it since the GSM signal would probably
contain time zone information (especially important for travelers) as well,
which I doubt the GPS signal could provide, unless someone can correct me.

Apparently, gsmd has not yet implemented this feature yet:

I wasn't able to figure out yet an AT command to retrieve the time.  Is that
even possible?  I saw a few commands for controlling the format, but didn't
return the current time.


On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 11:07 AM, Stefan Monnier
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> > I'll find it very sexy if it were possible to get the time from the
> > GPS signal, too. (in case there is no network available)
> > Any thoughts about that done by anyone?
> I've done it with
>   server minpoll 4 maxpoll 4
>   fudge time1 0.0 refid GPS
> in /etc/ntp.conf (it uses gpsd, aka ogpsd, tho I haven't tried it with
> ogpsd).  But note that it only gives a 1s accuracy and not only the
> "offset" can be large but it can vary.  Normally the GPS is used by ntpd
> using a PPS interface, which gives much better info, but it appears it's
> not available.  Not sure if it's a problem in gpsd, or in the GPS chip,
> or the driver, or ...
> I'm also wondering if the GSM connection can give us some time info.
> It probably wouldn't be high-quality either, but at least it would be
> available almost always, so it would be very useful.
>        Stefan
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