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Last night a burglar stole my FR. I was in a car, with the window opened, playing with the GPS and when we stopped at a traffic light, two guys came by the back. I was in the right side of the back seat, one of these guys knocked on the left window side, when I turned my head to the left to see what happened the other guy came by the right and picked up my FR from my hand. For some miliseconds my whole life with the FR came across my mind. I saw all the moments I spend configuring the phone, all the happyness my FR had bring to me when some functionality started to work, all the hours awaiting for a new realese of some software that implemented new functions... Then, I went out of the car and run behind those guys trying to catch them. I was in a kind of highway, I run and run, but they cross the highway to the other side, between cars going on very fast, and I had to leave it up. I returned to the car in a state of shock, I got into the car, with my girlfriend, and started to cry. I loved that phone.

My phone had debian on it. I had a lot of applications configured. I used it like my main phone. Mail accounts configured, Phonebook with all contacts, a lot of sms, many applications configured with my users/passwds. And I realized they had access to all. I called the mobile phone company to suspend the number, I've changed almost all important passwds, anyway, although I think they even don't know how to use the FR, maybe they will sell it to someone that do, and he'll surf into my life.

I only wanted to share this story with you. Maybe, because sharing my sadness I'll feel better, maybe not... 

best regards.

Juan Cañete Azorín
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