Sad Story

Ian Darwin ian at
Sun Nov 30 17:39:54 CET 2008

Juan Cañete wrote:
> Hi, 
> Last night a burglar stole my FR. ...
> My phone had debian on it. I had a lot of applications configured. I used it like my main phone. Mail accounts configured, Phonebook with all contacts, a lot of sms, many applications configured with my users/passwds. And I realized they had access to all. I called the mobile phone company to suspend the number, I've changed almost all important passwds, anyway, although I think they even don't know how to use the FR, maybe they will sell it to someone that do, and he'll surf into my life.
> I only wanted to share this story with you. Maybe, because sharing my sadness I'll feel better, maybe not... 
Sr Cañete, thank you, you do both yourself and all of us a service. We 
all (I hope) empathize with your loss.
And, most importantly, your story reminds everyone on the list of the 
importance of doing backups of their handheld data with at least the 
same regularity as their desktop and server systems. Regularly. 
Paraphrasing Santayana: Those who do not learn from the suffering of 
others are destined to suffer in the future.

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