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Yorick Moko yorickmoko at
Sun Nov 30 21:36:27 CET 2008

my condolences;

we need a way to remotely activate the gps and make it send an sms and
e-mail etc etc

On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 5:39 PM, Ian Darwin <ian at> wrote:
> Juan Cañete wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Last night a burglar stole my FR. ...
>> My phone had debian on it. I had a lot of applications configured. I used it like my main phone. Mail accounts configured, Phonebook with all contacts, a lot of sms, many applications configured with my users/passwds. And I realized they had access to all. I called the mobile phone company to suspend the number, I've changed almost all important passwds, anyway, although I think they even don't know how to use the FR, maybe they will sell it to someone that do, and he'll surf into my life.
>> I only wanted to share this story with you. Maybe, because sharing my sadness I'll feel better, maybe not...
> Sr Cañete, thank you, you do both yourself and all of us a service. We
> all (I hope) empathize with your loss.
> And, most importantly, your story reminds everyone on the list of the
> importance of doing backups of their handheld data with at least the
> same regularity as their desktop and server systems. Regularly.
> Paraphrasing Santayana: Those who do not learn from the suffering of
> others are destined to suffer in the future.
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