Sad Story

Seth Rothenberg seth at
Sun Nov 30 23:02:54 CET 2008

> we need a way to remotely activate the gps
> and make it send an sms and e-mail etc etc

I had such an idea long ago,
when my car was stolen.
The insurance company got a report on day 3
that it had been recovered within 8 hours by
the Sanitation Department.

(NYC considers the empty chassis to be
a sanitation problem, not a police matter ;-)

My idea was, the device monitors GPS,
and ignition.   If the car is moving but not on,
start making calls.    And of course, 10 years
later, OM/FRunner/Tangogps offer the platform.

Call the Police from in front of your computer.
"I want to report a car being stolen...It's on 105t street..."

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