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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | I was thinking of switching to the latest Om2008.9 from OM2007.2
> | because Om2008.9 resumes a lot quicker from suspend.  However, the
> | battery life with Om2008.9 is greatly reduced.  This leads me to
> | believe that Om2008.9 either isn't truly suspending--more of a
> | standby--or just isn't suspending everything that OM2007.2 does.
> | Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
> |
> | The one difference is that Om2008.9 was running from the microsd card.
> |  Would that make a difference as far as power usage during suspend?
> There's this new userspace power daemon that makes decisions about
> backlight and suspend now.  If it decides to just keep backlight "off"
> for long periods, there's a bug in recent kernels that actually leaves

but it doesnt ever decide that :) the problem is qpe halting apm suspends. the
backlight is turned off and ompower has issues an apm -s command. irf you find
your system with light off and "seemingly dead" but possibly still powered on -
connect to usb, ssh in and check ps - see if 'apm -s' is running:

ps -ef | grep apm

if it is - you are victim of the "qpe halted suspend before it ever got to the
kernel" bug. ompower is stuck waiting for apm -s to return (indicating resume)
at which time it will turn the light back on.

> the backlight slightly on (trying to avoid another bug in the PMU).  I
> fixed this tonight on another tree and will update stable with it later
> or tomorrow.
> It might not be the whole story but it should help.
> - -Andy
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