SD-Card Slot is Dead

Andy Green andy at
Fri Oct 3 10:30:20 CEST 2008

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Lucas Charron wrote:

> [    2.250000] mmc_set_power(power_mode=0, vdd=0
> In reading other mailing lists, the 6 "Error after cmd" are normal and
> just part of the startup. However, after that, glamo should detect my SD
> card.

Right, when it sets power off at the end of your pasting, it has had it.
 It should have taken some card information packets successfully by then.

> I am using the 512mb card that came with my phone. The card works in 2
> other devices (one is a Samsung phone, the other is my PC).

I have seen trouble with the connector physically give this behaviour.
For example, one device here needs the SIM card in to press the SD part
of the connector down so it makes contact.  If you didn't add a SIM yet,
give it a try.  The symptom matches the possibility fine.

In the factory, SD card is used for production, so it is 100% tested
(and fairly unlikely to die).

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