bluetooth and fdom

Erik de Wild: Tripple-o info at
Sun Oct 5 22:12:50 CEST 2008

After some trying of different images I end up with fdom and it seem  
to work pretty well. One thing I couldn't figure out and that is how  
to configure Bluetooth. With GT extended it was easy to set up  
Bluetooth for file transfer so I could load the device with some  
photos and some music. Enable "discoverable" in the settings, turn  
Bluetooth on on thats it.

With fdom I can turn on Bluetooth but I haven't find an option to  
enable "discoverable" and/or set the name of the device. I can't  
configure Bluetooth.  I have done a lot of Googling and searching but  
I haven't find pointers to get Bluetooth up and running with om2008.9  
or fdom.

The question I have is: how do I got Bluetooth to work so I can pair  
it with another Bluetooth capable device (smartphone, macbook, headset  
etc.) and exchange files and/or use a Bluetooth headset. Thanks in  

Erik de Wild

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