om-2007.2 upgrade: Cannot find package kernel-module-g-ether

j0e j0e573r at
Mon Oct 6 02:26:38 CEST 2008

It seems that my original posting never got through. Reposting for the

j0e wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to upgrade om-2007.2 my newly bought Freerunner for the first
> time, but i've encountered a problem.
> The upgrade process went smoothly, but when I try to install the kernel
> modules that are supposed to prevent breakage in the USB networking on
> first upgrade, I get the following message:
> Cannot find package kernel-module-g-ether.
> kernel-module-cdc-ether appears to have been downloaded and installed
> properly.
> I've checked the repository
> (*), but I can't locate
> kernel-module-g-ether anywhere, and I can't see any posting describing
> this issue.
> Since USB is my only way of connecting to the device as of now, I'm a bit
> worried. Is this simply a change in the software packages that can be
> ignored, or do I have a problem?
> j0e 

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