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Thomas Seiler thseiler at
Sat Oct 11 13:34:00 CEST 2008


> When flashing, they make a big deal about having to use the the version of
> dfu-util that goes with the distro you are flashing.  For example, to
> upgrade from om2007.2 to om2008.8 (ASU), you need to download the dfu-util
> for om2008.8.

Hm, as far as I know, the DFU protocol is a USB standard protocol, so
all the dfu-utils from the various distributions should behave
identically as far as downloading of images to the device is
concerned. The other end (i.e. uboot on the neo) is the same for all
distributions anyway :-) So you should go for the most recent version
you can find :-)

There have been recent fixes for the upload direction (i.e. from device to pc):
both, to uboot:
and to the dfu-util aswell.

So if your dfu-util/uboot combination was not able to make an upload
(i.e. backup) of your image, then that was because of bug #1843.

I dont know the current status of these fixes in the various
distributions, but as its quite recent work, its probably not yet

Disclaimer: Also, keep in mind, that updating u-boot might potentially
brick your device to a state where it needs a debug board to be

Hope this helps...


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