Re-registering to GSM network

Lorn Potter lpotter at
Mon Oct 13 20:58:51 CEST 2008

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> This is Openmoko bug #1024, which essentially seems to be a bug in the TI 
> firmware. It depends on the TI Calypso sleep mode, the traffic in the cell 
> you're logged into, and probably also your network operator's software 
> running on the cell towers. We're experimenting with a band-aid atm (see 
> bug-report for the entire gloryness...).

I would say it has more to do with firmware. I have a gta01 that does 
this, a gta02 prototype that does it and a production FR that does not. 
All using the same gui, same sim, same tower, same operator, same 
network traffic.

Using sleep mode on my production FR, stops it from properly waking up 
on phone calls and sms, so this is not reliable in stopping the bouncy 

Lorn 'ljp' Potter
Software Engineer, Systems Group, Qt Software, Nokia Pty Ltd

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