closing apps in FDOM

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Wed Oct 15 01:03:44 CEST 2008

2008/10/14 anthony winter <awtel at>:
> Thanks for the information. Is it actually written down anywhere?

no, but most bleeding-edge linux users are prepared to experiment,
press all the buttons, try all the options, etc. to find out

> But it doesn't work with 'Contacts'. If I have just 'Home' and 'Contacts' in
> the list it 'Contacts' does not get closed.

there's a 'back' button at bottom-right that will close contacts. and
any other of the qtopia apps

> Extra questions:
> 1) what is the quickest way of shutting down the neo completely?
> At present I am using a terminal and entering init 0.

hold the power button down, for 5 seconds or so

> 2) What do the three little + signs at the bottom of the screen do?

nothing yet. to be implemented.

> 3) What is the * at the bottom left for?


> 4) What does the (possibly) spanner-like symbol at the top right do?

it's the self-destruct button

seriously: press it and find out

> In other words - where is there a description of this user interface!?

there isn't one. yet

> On Tue, 14 Oct 2008, you wrote:
>> 2008/10/13 anthony winter <awtel at>
>> > How do you do it?
>> > What am I missing here?
>> 1. Tap on the little triangle  in the upper middle of the screen. A pulldown
>> menu appears, the current app will the be the one at the bottom of this
>> menu.
>> 2. Tap on "REMOVE" in the lower left corner of that pulldown menu.

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