Connecting Neo to OS X via Bluetooth

Roland roland at
Fri Oct 17 17:49:33 CEST 2008

Because the whole USB network/OS X thing is so flaky, I'm trying to connect
my PowerBook to my Neo in an alternate way. Wifi works via a router but not
via an adhoc network (no DHCP is served by the Mac and its too painful to
configure the Neo with a fixed IP just for adhoc usage when it works fine
when connecting to a proper router). Therefore connecting via BlueTooth
seems to me to be the next step.

Has anyone successfully connected their FDOM Neo to their OS X 10.5 Mac via
Bluetooth? If so, can you provide some easily understandable instructions
(or something that I can translate into easily understandable instructions)?

It seems to me as a Neo newbie, that the thing is pretty flaky and you need
to know what you are doing. I should do as I've admin'd and developed for
Linux and OS X for quite a while now but there are still vast gaps in my
knowledge. Unfortunately, so much of the comments and documentation is
cryptic at best and some simple documentation would really make many people
so much happier!
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