Seth Rothenberg seth at pachai.net
Sun Oct 19 06:56:19 CEST 2008

I wrote:
>>> Greetings.
>>> I have had my FreeRunner a couple of days,
>>> I would appreciate some tips on navigating
>>> (on it...and with it :-).
>>> I found my way to usb networking,
>>> so I can ssh to root at mok...

it appears to be running 2007.??.....
and folks have recommended upgrading,

> Michael Zanetti wrote:
>> Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of openmoko :)
>> I would suggest updating (flashing) to a newer distribution as the preinstalled
>> one (do they still ship with 2007.2?) istn't supported any more. Check out
>> 2008.9 or even FDOM. FDOM will give you a faster impression of whats possible
>> with your freerunner but it isn't an official Openmoko distribution.

and my colleague agreed, saying lots of things are fixed (like usb
networking :-)

so, how to upgrade if usb networking is unstable?
Now, a few days later, it won't stay up long enough to...
run neotool.   From the time I bring up networking,
until I click over to another window, it now fails.
(I am on Ubuntu, 8.04)

Do I need to just get an SD card reader to copy the new image on? -
will that help me?   (will I need a bigger SD card? :-).

I don't suppose the FR will allow me to use the SD from the host
without bringing up USB networking?

related - I saw a page about  buying or building a USB crossover cable,
so the FR could be a host.  Could I then upgrade from a USB stick?


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