Seth Rothenberg seth at pachai.net
Mon Oct 20 00:02:47 CEST 2008

Thanks for all the details.

> So to flash, download a new image (like
> http://downloads.openmoko.org/releases/Om2008.8-update/ - you need 'gta02'
> versions of rootfs and uImage and rootfs may be .jffs2 or .jffs2.summary)
> and fire up Neotool.  Tell it to flash, select the files, and it will tell
> you to prepare the Freerunner.  At this point the FR should be off, and
> plugged into USB.  Hold down 'aux', press and hold power now until the NOR
> boot menu appears, then release both.  Click 'start' (or whatever the
> button is) in neotool and it will start flashing.  rootfs will take quite
> some time.
> Once you've confirmed it finished correctly and boots the FR, consider also
> flashing the latest uboot bootloader - same procedure.

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