PyGTK on Freerunner

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Sun Oct 26 11:06:17 CET 2008

Dear Matteo,

> > we are seriously interested in your product to be embedded in our
> > building automation system.

Sounds pretty interesting, vertical markets like yours are one of the reasons 
why we started this project.

> > First of all I need to know if compiler is armv5te and if PyGTK is full
> > supported on Om 2008.9 and if it's GTK based.

In our current product (Openmoko FreeRunner), we are shipping an s3c2410, 
which is an armv4t compliant processor. Although Om 2008.9 is not Gtk-based, 
you can easily install PyGtk and it will work in tandem with the preinstalled 
applications. For your use case, I would even advice looking into a heavily 
customized image (building one yourself) that only contains the software you 
need for your application -- the tools are all out there.

Hope that helps,


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