"iwlist eth0 scan" reports "Resource temporarily unavailable"

lanzo lanzato at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 18:53:58 CET 2008

> Hello!  It's prolly too late to be of use, but I can easily duplicate this
> problem by letting the OM suspend.  It seems that the WLAN drivers don't
> wake up properly after a suspend

I could replicate this problem too when doing "iwlist eth0 scan"  but after
trying several times I discovered this is independent from the "suspension
mode" and "ifconfig eth0" setting. In fact, after doing "ifconfig eth0 up"
or "down" I have always got both "resource not available" or the correct
scanning, depending only (i guess) on the presence of the AP signal.

Since my AP is far away the signal is not good and this appear to be the
only reason it gives the "resource unavailable" error, just as stated by
Holger in a previous post.

However I have to notice that in a couple of times the "iwlist eth0 scan"
command has killed my usb ssh sessions to FR. I still have to find out why.

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